All-in-One Solution for Companies having a distribution network.

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With the development of E-commerce, the distribution channels have shorthened, jeopardizing your competitive added value.

Price transparency

No hidden prices anymore! Consumers pick the cheapest bid and push your margins down.

New competitors

Exclusivity and commercial territory are banned words in digital economy. The barriers are falling down opening the way to newcomers.

Inbound marketing

Increase your number of leads. Let's the customer finding you thanks to a great digital presence!

Business model

Adapt your business model to the new digital equation and build a new partnership with your resellers.

New markets

Develop new markets with efficient and targeted on-line marketing.

Mars & Moore helps you to accelerate your digital transformation

Re-invent your business model!

e-Distribution, powered by ODOO applications, has been designed for companies active in specialized distribution and working with a network of resellers.

Based on 4 customizable modules, it covers the entire life cycle, from prospection to loyalty in an integrated way. This means no more dual encoding, reconciliation, Excel sheets, loss of leads, etc. Your customer is the center of attention and all information is gathered to provide him with a quicker and better service.

Key Benefits

Increase your dealers loyalty

Setup, communicate et monitor your resellers partnerships.

Lead generator

Create and manage marketing campaigns. Centralize and dispatch the leads to the ad-hoc dealers. Reward lead generators.

Productivity tool

All-in-One integrated solution, from inbound marketing to production and analytics. Increase your speed.


Real time monitoring of your performance. Easy to use KPI's to efficiently evaluate and manage your marketing campaings and distribution network.

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Our Offers

No surprise

Fixed price per month

  • Focus on the results. Don't bother with the engine
  • Includes:
    • Cloud managed services
    • Product evolutions
    • SLA on infrastructure 24/7
    • Users helpdesk 5/7 office hours
  • Fixed price setup includes:
    • Business design
    • Parametrisation & reporting
    • Data migration
    • Custom theme
    • SEO & usability
  • Optional:
    • Inbound marketing consultancy
    • Custom modules development
    • Connectors to external applications

Full Flex

Pay as you go

  • Tailor made services. Private solution.
  • Includes:
    • Private cloud servicing
    • Migrations to next releases
    • SLA on infrastructure 24/7
    • Users helpdesk 5/7 office hours
    • On-site consultancy:
      • Business modelling
      • Custom developments
      • Functional consulting
      • Project management
      • Design & usability
      • Inbound marketing
      • Timesheet billing for the services provided by Mars & Moore.